Governor’s Team Phoning It In

Pooper Scoop DanDespite all the racket about Gøøberner Jim Gibbons and the staff digging in for five months of payback hell as the putative Gube wreaks his revenge on his defenseless constituents, it really looks like the staff isn’t really making much of an effort. Just consider the latest attempt at an attack on the Interim Finance Committee by a Jimbo spokester:

“Illegal, unconstitutional government bodies should not be threatening state employees with jail time,” Gibbons spokesman Dan Burns said. “They should be helping state employees serve the people.” (Sun)

A malapropic sentence worthy of the Guberner, hisself, seems to me. After all, it seems strange to exhort an illegal, unconstitutional government body to help people, don’t it? If the body is really illegal, wouldn’t a more appropriate response be for the Gube’s office to send in the State Police or something?

But, then again, the Gov probably really doesn’t want to attract the attention of the state police. What with the staff illegally working on one of Gibbons’ private initiatives and all.

Elsewhere: Hey, look! Jim Gibbons is the most annoying governor in the U.S.!

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