Goobernatorial Candidate Emerges From Bunker

There have been some reports that Gube candidate Bunker Brian Sandoval has emerged from his lair. Here’s your chance to put him back:

Wonder where I get these ideas… Oh wait, what’s this from the Rory ……. campaign?

Las Vegas, NV – Republican candidate Brian Sandoval briefly emerged from hiding this week to discuss his so-called education “plan.” But this week he did promise to – someday – actually debate the issues in the gubernatorial campaign.

“We’re going to be debating this fall and I look forward to that,” Sandoval told Las Vegas’ KVBC during a quick appearance in public yesterday.

However, Brian Sandoval has been continually ducking any real questions from the media for weeks. Prominent political pundit Jon Ralston commented last week that Sandoval’s hiding from the media and public “makes Angle’s game of hide-and-seek look like kids play.”

Rory has already accepted invitations to participate in monthly debates on Ralston’s “Face to Face” and to debate with Sandoval on “Nevada Newsmakers” with Sam Shad. Brian Sandoval has continued to be elusive.

“Brian is hiding and is clearly afraid to debate the issues important to Nevadans,” Rory said. “I have offered detailed and innovative plans to reform education in our state, rebuild our economy and overhaul our state’s ethics rules. Brian has said nothing except that he would cut education and lay-off 1-in-5 Nevada teachers.”

Rory Reid is the only candidate for governor to offer solutions for today and a plan for Nevada’s future success – supporting strong schools for a stronger economy. For more information about Rory’s campaign or to download his plans — visit

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