Goober’s Lawsuits Will Outlast Him

The Nevada Supreme Court ruled in favor of the  Reno Gazette-Journal in its lawsuit against putative Nevada governor Jim Gibbons. Gibbers will be required to hand over papers about his mysteriously disappearing gun permit. (RGJ)

You all will no doubt dimly recall that there were questions about how Gibbons was able to obtain a concealed weapons’ permit without completing all of the required training in 2008. Gibbons later gave up the permit when his lack of training became public. And then there’s this intriguing, cryptic sentence from the Associated Press:

[Washoe County Sheriff Mike] Haley has declined to comment on the status of Gibbons’ permit and has interpreted the confidentiality law so broadly that he also won’t discuss whether his office took action against the firearms instructor who improperly signed off on Gibbons’ weapons proficiency test in order for him to obtain the permit. (AP)

Gibbons has quite the record from corrupting law enforcement officials throughout the state, don’t he? There was the Clark County Sheriff and the District Attorney who got splattered by the mud from the garage grope, and then there was that Nevada Public Safety guy who lost all the guns and drugs. And staff in-kind contributions to the campaign and the Gube’s private suit against health care, and the missing sexting logs, and the inappropriate firings, and, and and.

Still, what a wonderful opportunity to rerun an old Gibbons’ Country:

Gibbons Country Weapons Permit
We are SO gonna miss that turd.

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