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Despicable John Offers Slush Fund Sharron Angle The Shrunken Head of Barbara Vucanovich

Despicable John Offers Slush Fund Sharron Angle The Shrunken Head of Barbara Vucanovich

So, we keep hearing how the Senate is one vote short of passing the unemployment benefits extension. Yeah, it looks like the replacement for Byrd is in the works, and Harry Reid plans a vote next Tuesday. Presumably, the Byrd replacement will supply the passing vote and the legislature will move forward. (HuffPo)

Still, this shouldn’t let Nevada’s very own one-Senator-short off the hook. “DespicableJohn Ensign could have easily voted to help out 14% of his constituents by supporting the legislation two weeks ago and saved Nevadans two weeks of added misery.

Instead, Despicable John is too busy engaging in pure partisan politics, quoting bullet points from the national GOP and helping out Harry Reid’s nutbag opponent, Slush Fund Sharron Angle, although in a surprisingly underwhelming way. He scraped together an endorsement from has-been Nevada Legislator Barbara Vucanovich, who has been out endorsing other winners like Jim Gibbons and Michele Fiore.

If you’re going “who’s dat” with regard to those last two names, well, join the club.

Yep, a pretty pathetic performance from a sitting Senator, but, then again, he’s not known for his vertical accomplishments, is he? Ensign, however, always able to come up with cash in a pinch, threw $5,000 at the Angle campaign, as did a handful of other Senators with too much money on their hands. Naturally, the Las Vegas Review and In-Kind GOP Contribution Journal had to broadcast Angle’s rather lackluster party-hack fund raising. (RJ) Yep, she should stick with the extremists for money. Though I suppose that’s what the GOP leadership pretty much is these days.

Nonetheless, don’t miss your chance to rub Despicable John’s nose in his own legislative boo-boo. Write him and tell him to vote for the unemployment benefits extension over at his taxpayer-funded site:

John Ensign E-mail Contact Form.

Or, call, write, or visit Despicable John and the staff minions!

Ensign Minions Prepare for Unemployment Benefits Vote

Ensign Minions Prepare for Unemployment Benefits Vote

Washington D.C. Office
119 Russell Senate Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
Phone: (202) 224-6244
Fax: (202) 228-2193

Las Vegas Office
333 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Suite 8203
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101
Phone: (702) 388-6605
Fax: (702) 388-6501
Nevada Toll Free: (877) 894-7711

Reno Office
400 South Virginia Street, Suite 738
Reno Nevada 89501
Phone: (775) 686-5770
Fax: (775) 686-5729
Nevada Toll Free: (877) 894-7711
TTY: (202) 228-3364

Don’t you just wish that Harry could just figure out a way to stomp that John-bug?

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