Imagination Fails

What they were really thinking at the unveiling of the official Guinn protrait

What they were really thinking at the unveiling of the official Guinn protrait

You know, amid all of the eulogizing of Governor Kenny Guinn, who fell to his death from his own roof top today, my mind couldn’t help wondering what folks’ll say when the current Gube falls offa something to his death. (Sun)

But, sorry, just can’t imagine it. Will we see statesmen and kingmakers, like Billy Vassiliadis and Siggy Rogich, come out to praise the Gibbers for his contributions to the state educational system or for trying (and, apparently failing) to place the state’s budget on firmer ground, like Guinn?

Nope, can’t imagine it.

Still, let’s add one accolade to the Guinn list that others may leave out: he’s a prophet. It was Kenny Guinn who said that he was scared to death of a Gibbons’s gubership. I don’t think anyone will contradict him on that now.

One other accolade. Thanks to Mr. Guinn for providing one of the lighter moments on the old Vote(d) Gibbons Out: when he played Mr. Haney, upsetting the new tenants of the Governor’s mansion by insisting on taking his own furniture with him when he left. Oh, and for not leaving the state quite the mess that it is now.

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2 comments to Imagination Fails

  • Rory

    You really are a lowlife scum. Kenny Guinn’s body isn’t even cold yet and your kicking him while he’s down. You are sure to go straight to hell.

  • Ah, lighten up, Rory. This was not a slam to Gov. Guinn. He was a noble and compassionate man, and we all know that. He will be greatly missed. This post is journalistic flair. Well-written, and entertaining. Best of all? Brief, and to the point. Nice work.

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