Top Ten Reasons Why Junior Senators Are So Important

Sharron Angle's Got the GrinsSharron Angle and her In-Kind pals over at the Las Vegas Review Journal were trying to make the case for replacing the world’s most powerful Senator with the world’s goofiest. I’d just thought I would try to help out:

  1. Somebody has to fill in the end seats for the Pro-Forma Subcommittee on Dog Food Standards.
  2. Who else is going to argue about the importance of Nuclear Waste in Family Planning at 1am on C-Span 2?
  3. Interns and staff refuse to replace Mitch McConnell’s catheter.
  4. Without them there would be no point in having tiny desks and chairs in those tiny broom closets in the basement of the Senate Office Building.
  5. John Ensign won’t have anybody to grope except interns and Senate staffers.
  6. Somebody has to be at the bottom of the earmarks list.
  7. C Street’s got plenty of cheap rooms to rent.
  8. GOP Party officials can’t convince anyone else to wear the “joke” KKK hood to Michael Steele’s birthday party.
  9. They’re always recruiting for new candidates for that coveted “worst senator” award.
  10. Interns and staff refuse to enter McCain’s office when he’s off his meds and ranting about “that she-whore Palin”.
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