Is that a Turd?

A Sharron Angle Turd?Just take a look at this here pic borrowed from a Harry Reid TV ad. The ad makes fun of Sharron Angle’s looney idea to try to get some sort of nuke reprocessing research gig for Nevada. Of course, we all know the price that Congress would exact for any such largess: take the waste and stuff in up your Yucca.

Note that there is not a peep about such a gig on Angle’s new website, although the old one talks about it. You know, the one she yanked after the primary.  There is this incoherent bit of nonsense on the new one, though:

America must build upon [sic] her vast coal and natural gas resources to expand our domestic oil resources.

We have the potential both on shore and off to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. This effort will also provide high paying jobs and expand the economy.

So, after all that hard work to convince NVEnergy not to build new coal plants, Sharron seems ready to bring back the mercury and heavy metal poisoning coal burning is so good at, as well as heating up the planet just enough so that future generations will be too busy starving to worry about that deficit Republicans are all atwitter about. Granted most of Southern Nevada’s energy is currently generated by a coal plant rather charmingly named the Reid Gardner plant in Moapa, still, for Angle to suggest that Nevada and the nation invest even more in coal makes her sound, well, just like President Obama, who keeps trying to sell us on “clean coal.”

I wonder, does that put Sharron in the middle of that Pelosi-Obama-Reid circle jerk thing she keeps yammering about?

But I digress from more important matters. Namely, I believe we have here the first ad of the campaign season where one candidate comes out and calls the other a turd. Just look at that pic. It has a picture of what surely is a radioactive turd, perhaps of the sort Godzilla might leave as spoor, but with the prominent addition of Sharron Angle’s name displayed below it. Now, if that isn’t calling Sharron Angle a turd, then I don’t know what would be.

Come to think of it, maybe I don’t know what that would be.

Next think you know, somebody will dig up that old South Park episode about the Bush-Kerry race, the one where the choice was between a douche bag and a turd sandwich, except this time both candidates seem to have a bit of that warm mushy goodness one expects from a panni del merda.

Say, maybe they should make the turd our state bird. Sure a lot of them flying about these days.

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