Ass Breaks Ass: Nevadans Secretly Breathe Sigh of Relief

Showing off his ScarsYou know, it wasn’t just over a year ago that brave Nevada punditry would punch and elbow each other for the smallest chance to take a stab at the World’s Worst Guberator’s latest misadventures. Why, back then there was a divorce, passels of paramours, sexting and napping through legislative sessions. Why even now the gov is still filled with high jinx, like the Gube’s odd policy of not allowing Gube staff to talk to legislators lest the Interim Finance Committee wrest yet another crumb of the Guber’s fading powers from his impotent, webbed hands.

Nowadays, however, there is such a collective desire to be rid of our one-trick gov, that no one can even muster the least guffaw at the news of the governor’s unfortunate accident from atop a horse. Granted, the Reno Gazette Journal did make a half-hearted attempt: they interviewed, rather bizarrely,  a rodeo cowboy doctor concerning the Gube’s injuries, a decision which causes one to wonder if the editors were inviting us to think of the governor as the state’s rodeo clown.

No, maybe not. Surely the editors at the RGJ could never muster that much subtlety.

Granted, too, that it would be utterly tasteless to guffaw at the Gube while he is in, we are told, considerable pain. Very true indeed, except for the fact that the last four years have felt as if the governor were guffawing at us while we were in considerable pain, what with his incessant refusal to do anything to help hurting Nevadans during the downturn except yell “no new taxes,” smirk at his heartless, crazed base, and fumble the management of fed stimulus funding. Indeed that incessant bleating of “no new taxes” has poisoned the current gube race to the point that neither candidate dares suggest any kind of policy that would actually have any effect on the economic crisis. The Gibbons’ Legacy leaves us with two gutless candidates scrambling to out-Gibbons Gibbons on the trite and brain-numbing no-new-taxes pledge.

Perversely, Gibbons could in fact turn it all around. Just like only Nixon could go to China, only Gibbons could break the log-jam in Nevada government by proposing even in this late hour rational tax reform for the state. A sit-down with Steven Horsford and a move to turn Horsford’s goofy stakeholder’s thing into something real could reset the Gube race and Nevada’s hopes for recovery.

Naturally Gibbons has chosen instead to continue his short-sighted partisanship, supporting a party that long ago tossed him into the trash heap of history while pursuing his lifestyle of visiting the ranches of the juiced well-to-do to ride their prize ponies so hard he falls on his ass.

I think Nevada residents should certainly wish the Gov a painless and successful recovery. I also think they can be forgiven for quietly hoping that it take a little extra time–at least until we have safely passed January first.

Now, who’s in favor of another midnight swear in?

Cross posted from Vote(d) Gibbons Out!

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1 comment to Ass Breaks Ass: Nevadans Secretly Breathe Sigh of Relief

  • Scandalmonger,
    Did you know he’s still in the hospital a week later?
    He must be in dire pain.. but not as dire as the pain
    he has caused just about every Nevadan for the
    last 2 decades.
    It would be interesting to find out what that cocktail
    waitress he helped in Las Vegas thinks about his pain.
    And do you think his old pals at Etrip.. and that other
    place over in Sparks that he diverted massive amounts of our taxes to for favors.. have visited him?
    How do you spell “Karma”?

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