Stop the Government Hand Outs…To Sharron Angle

Sharron Angle's Got the GrinsHypocrisy, thy name is Sharron.

Just when Angle is calling for repeal of Obamacare, we learn why she doesn’t care if the rest of us Americans lose our health insurance: She’s been living off her retired hubby’s government benefits all the time. (usnews,huffpo)

Oddly, well maybe not so oddly, Democrats are calling on Angle to abandon her cushy benefits. (Sun) It is odd, however, that Nevada Republicans and Teabaggers–sorry, that’s redundant after the recent takeover–aren’t screaming for her to shuck the awful benefits. Where in the Constitution does it say anything about health insurance for BLM retirees, I ask you? Clearly, it’s one of those latter-day additions inserted in dark of night by liberal judicial activism.  Or something like that. I’m kinda new at this Reconstipated Constitution stuff.

Indeed, why isn’t the party–the Nevada GOP, I mean, I’m sure the Dems will get to it soon enough–calling on Angle to divorce her husband? Surely as a retired BLM employee he must simply be a closet Liberal government parasite sucking the life out of the country of our Founding Fathers. Of course, Angle, too, has been a government employee, and even aspires to take on another government job–with terrific benefits, too.

Say, doesn’t that automatically disqualify her, on Teabagger grounds?

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