Cult Leader Decries Cult

Sharron and God's GangstersThe Nevada Senate race per impossibile has sunk to new lows as news hits the Intertubes that Sharron Angle’s spiritual leader–that is until about 3pm Thursday–had all sorts of bigoted ideas about the competition. (Sun,RN&R)

One Pastor John Reed of the Sonrise Baptist Church in Gibbons Country, Nevada, expressed all sorts of colorful views about the Joe Smith’s Latter Day Church, just the sort of high-minded charity one comes to expect from a True Christian.

Brother Reed, if I may call him that, seems to have confused the rather staid, milk-toast modern Mormon church with the exciting, can-do theocracy of Brother Brigham’s, if I may call him that, age, when Danites ruled the west and folks thought twice before making fun of a the brethren’s wives.

Illegal Aliens That Nevada Left MexicoNow, if’n one wanted to start making fun of Brother Reed’s own particular cult, one might start off by noting the his and Ms. Angle’s southern version of the Baptistas got its start by breaking away from mother church because they didn’t like their northern friends’ stance on freedom for slaves. Indeed, back in the good old days, southern baptists would cheer on their own version of Danites, called the Ku Klux Klan.

Naturally, of course, the modern cult has rejected all that racist nonsense, pretty much, and it would be terribly unfair to attack them for views held by their church in the 19th century.  One would think that would hold true for Mormonism as well, but Ms. Angle seems hell-bent, if I may put it that way, to scare off groups of folks crucial to her election bid. Mormons are notoriously conservative and Republican these days, and are not too thrilled with brother Reid, if I may call him that, despite being, as far as anyone can tell on this side of the veil, in good standing with the Temple Square crowd. Still, Angle seems to enjoy scaring them away, perhaps the price she pays for staying awake and paying attention during the good Pastor’s sermons.

This on top of her new Vitterized media strategy for attracting Hispanic voters by portraying them as illegal street thugs in a recent anti-Harry ad. The ad was so effective, it has driven a major contact with the Hispanic community to condemn Angle’s stance on immigration and convinced the nation that only white kids graduate from college.

One can barely imagine whom she’ll alienate, if I may call it that, next. Not, perhaps, that key constituency of elderly Viagra users?

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