That Explains A Lot…

Brian Sandoval Controlled by Inner GibbonsWell, mystery solved!

All Nevada has wondered throughout the Gube non-campaign why is it that Corporate Dauphin Brian Sandoval insisted on adhering to the Gibbons’ agenda so religiously.

Indeed, the new Gube was almost giddy to announce that he was gonna cut Nevada and cut it bad, when he finally got around to thinking about the budget:

“I am very optimistic,” said Sandoval after a 90-minute closed-door meeting in the Capitol with state Budget Director Andrew Clinger, their first meeting since his election as governor.

“The numbers look very good in terms of our being able to cut.” (RJ)

Now, I thought only Jim Gibbons could get so excited about cutting state spending, but Brian Sandoval apparently can’t wait to bring down the ax. One can only wonder: could he barely suppress his girlish giggle at the thought of those Nevadans about to lose services under his regime, the students who won’t be able to attend college, the poor who would lose medical services?

How would he react to news of a budget surplus, for crap’s sake? Get all mopey and grumpy? Go into a Gibbons’ sulk?

But now a Scandalmonger exclusive reveals the truth and answers all questions!

Sandoval it turns out  is really a robot run by Jim Gibbons, who in turn is a tiny alien sent by a space armada to soften Nevada up prior to the invasion.

Now, doesn’t that explain the last four years much better than any other hypothesis?

Why, it explains everything, including why Sandoval was so touchy about his kids not looking alien.

So, bend over, Nevada! You got four more years of Gibbons despite your best efforts to get rid of him!

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