Nobody Showed Up

Nobody showed up to the unveiling of the official portrait of the World’s Most Forgettable Governor the other day. (Sun) No doubt the most shocking aspect of the portrait was not that the Gube was wearing clothing, but that he wasn’t wearing the turtleneck that was so emblematic of his Hefner-esque stay in the Playboy Carson City mansion.

Still I wouldn’t want the occasion to pass without some notoriety. So, I offer here yet another in a series of depictions showing how the portrait should have been created to show the inner Gibbons:

This Should Be the Official Portrait

I should also mention that something odd happened to my edition of the Sun the other day. It showed the following picture of the Gib-unveiling:

Official Unveiling of the Gibbons Portrait

The Sun just hasn’t been the same since it lost all the money in the Stations Casino meltdown, has it?

Cross posted from Vote(d) Gibbons Out.

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