Why Does Brian Sandoval Hate Nevada So Much?

Nevada Second Amendment SolutionAs a registered Nevada Republican Tea Party member, I just have to wonder what kind of big tax and spend Marxist we elected to the Nevada Gubeship this time around.

Brian Sandoval certainly ain’t no Sandogibbons–the first thing the Nevada punditry has gotten right since, well, forever. Why, Sandoval has absolutely proven himself to be an Obamasocialist by accepting an increase in the funding for security at the Carson City manse.

It appears that without even batting an eye, the new Gube requested an additional $103,000 in order to fund another security officer to watch over the gubernatorial offspring. (Sun)

Now, it’s not just that it is the utmost hypocrisy for the no-taxes candidate to start off spending public funds like Dean Heller earmarking a farm bill. Why Sandoval can’t even wait until his gubeship starts to force county and city governments to cover his lavish spending by jacking up taxes and fees.

Certainly nobody wants to see the Sandoval kids hurt in any way, especially since they don’t really have death rays built into their non-Hispanic-looking eyeballs. But the manner in which Sandosocialist approached the problem of protecting his family reveals his innate lefti-ness.

Why the real solution which a real member of the Nevada Republican Tea Party would grasp like the cool handle of a Colt 45 is as obvious as Boehner’s toupee: go with the Second Amendment solution.

Forget spending money on extra security. Hand each of the kids some heat this Christmas to keep the bad guys away. That’s right, if Sandoval wants to be a real Nevadan, he’d buy the kids a nice little semi-automatic stocking-stuffer to slip into the backpack for that dangerous trip to school.

But, no! Sandoval goes for the “Oh, save me, big government” solution when a true, Nevada solution stares him in the face like the barrel of a Px4 9mm Storm. It’s pretty clear, Sandoval doesn’t have the Gibbons in ‘im to be a real Nevada Republican. Why he probably doesn’t even have one faked gun permit to his name like any other self-respecting Nevadan.

We all might as well direct-deposit the old paycheck to the Gube manse. Sandoval just ain’t battle born.

Somebody ought to look up his birth  certificate. Bet’cha it says “California” on it.

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