Area Grouch Invited to Gube Ball

The benefits of being a registered Republican never cease! Just lookee: I got an invite to the governator ball!

Scandalmonger Invited to Sandoval Gubernatorial Ball

And, boy howdy, look at all the nice folks I’d get to hang out with!

Folks Sandoval Would Never Think of Taxing

Now we know why Sandoval couldn’t think of anybody to tax in that “interview” the other day when he said:

“A lot of folks have talked about the fact we need more taxes. The question that needs to be asked is who is going to pay them.” (RJ)

Looks to me like there’s a handy list on his fancy invite. Why, there’s Sheldon Adelson and the Sands Corporation, Barrick Gold, Steve Wynn, and a whole lot of folks who apparently can toss tens of thousands of dollars into the Gube election without batting an eye. Guess they must have a wad of cash they could toss in the state coffers, too.

Now, my problem with actually attending the gathering is that is costs $100 to get in and $1000 for the VIP treatment. Not only that, one has to wear “black tie”. Man, I don’t think I’ve ever worn “black tie” to anything. Heck, I might not even get to at my own funeral.

It just goes to show how gentrified Nevada is. There are the “haves,” who insist that they pay too much in taxes while sipping $1000 dollar a bottle champaign at fancy balls and making and breaking politicians. And then there are the rest of us feeling like we’ve been thrown under a bus just so the elites can have their parties.

It’s a good thing area schools don’t teach Rousseau or Marx, given those authors require minimal reading skills to comprehend. Otherwise the folks in the powered wigs would start getting nervous.

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1 comment to Area Grouch Invited to Gube Ball

  • ScandalPerson,
    There you go again.. upsetting the proletariat.
    Those listed critters have enough
    “pocket change” at any given time to pay of the budget all by themselves.
    But they won’t.
    Instead they continue to bloat their bloated coffers off of the back of the gosh darned hared working workers.
    And nobody can do anything about it.
    And “they” know it.
    But at least a few of us keep trying.

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