The Benevolent Butcher

Brian Sandoval--The Benevolent Butcher

Well, there is one good thing about Governor Brian Sandoval’s idiotic “no new taxes” budget stance. It means I can just recycle all the Gibbons’ pics showing the Gibbers carrying sharp objects and slashing up Nevadoids.

Hey, I didn’t call Sandoval the “Benevolent Butcher” first. Some higher ed guy did. (Sun) He or she probably should have left out the “benevolent” part.

I do love to read how “popular” the new gube is in the RJ. The evidence? Two ladies wanting their picture taken with him. Scientific polling! I’m convinced.

I also love how the new Gube is complaining about a group of bidness folk and Democratic Legos meeting in a secret “Bat Cave.” All very interesting and scary until we learn that one of Sandoval’s own chief advisors has been going to the meetings:

Steve Hill, past chairman of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and, interestingly, also head of Sandoval’s economic development transition team. (Sun)

So, I suppose the Gube heard about the “secret” meetings from his own, go-to guy on the economy. In other words, the Gube has all but been sitting in on the “secret” meetings he’s complaining about.

Man, he seems to want one of those “Crazy Jim” awards pretty bad.

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1 comment to The Benevolent Butcher

    Nevada’s rigged vote stealing system
    is worse than anything Egypt ever
    dreamed of.
    Or should we say “better”… because
    Nevada is so much more successful at
    dumbing down and duping the citizens
    who think they are voting.
    Here’s bona fide proof of the “in your face” vote theft.
    Why did they get away with it?
    Because they can.
    I’m not saying Sandoval wasn’t “legally” elected. But you just have to be around the vast majority of these lowest common denominator bureaucrats.. to know that even Nevadans aren’t stoopid enough to have “elected” most of them.

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