Meet Yucca Joe and Yucca Dean!

Yucca Mountain Dean Heller and Yucca Mountain Joe HeckNevada’s own homegrown teatards Dean Heller and Joe Heck were so hopped up to vote for the evisceration of just about every federal program that they overlooked a provision in the House budget that would keep Yucca Mountain alive despite the efforts of the Nevada delegation to kill it. (RJ)

No, wait. Dean Heller apparently went all out to prove just how ineffective a legislator he is by trying to convince his teabagger pals to cut Yucca, with the expected result that backbencher Dean was complete ignored.

All of which goes to prove that Heller is indeed a worthy replacement to John Ensign, if only he could man up and sexually abuse some of the staff.

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1 comment to Meet Yucca Joe and Yucca Dean!

  • Mary Stewart

    I don’t want cancer and my children don’t want cancer! Yucca mountain should never be opened! The government just wants to give us cancer and make money on me and my child! MY SON ASKED ME WHY IS THE GOVERNMENT TRYING TO GIVE US CANCER? I TOLD MY SON BECAUSE WE ARE POOR! MY SON SAID YUCCA MOUNTAIN BAD MAN!

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