They No Like the Donuts

Nevada Higher Ed Students No Like Governor Brian Sandoval's DonutsWith apologies to ProgressNow Nevada, I borrowed a pic from their facebook page wherein we find putative Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval putting on a bored patronizing pose as he “converses” with students about shutting down their colleges and universities and/or forcing them to major in Gaming Studies or Advanced Hotel Maid and Laundering Services, the only two majors which will be available via Nevada “Higher” Ed.

Meanwhile students take the initiative and show the Gube the future of education in Nevada by erecting a prototype University based on the governor’s ideas for reforming education. Named “Sandoville”–shorthand for “Sandogibbonsville” no doubt–students erected a campus right there on the grounds of the Nevada Legislature. Sandogibbonsville features the latest classroom technologies of the 1800’s including: no central heating and no indoor plumbing. In fact it rather looks like a 19th century mining camp. Kudo’s to the kids for the nod to Nevada’s colorful past!

Nevada Higher Ed Students Develop Prototype Campus Called Sandogibbonsville

An added attraction to “SandoGibbons U” as I like to call it is the animatronics replica of the Gube created by computer engineering students to greet visitors to the campus. Singing to the tune “It’s a Small Budget After All,” the robogube warbles “No New Taxes After All!” incessantly until everyone starts feeling an urge to take a crowbar to the thing.

Bystanders were impressed at how lifelike the robogube seemed.

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