What the Devil is Going On At Them Secret Joe Heck Revival Meetings?

What really happens at a Joe Heck Town HallApparently Nevada Congressman Joe Heck (R-Pending Redistricting) is not allowing folks to take videos or daguerreotypes of his town hall meetings anymore. (ThinkProgress)

Now some may argue that he’s doing it to cover-up all that embarrassing yelling that naturally happens when regular folks hear just how stupid the ideas coming out of the Republican noise machine are these days. (DB)

‘Course, they’d be wrong. This very blog sent over our chief engraving artist to sketch a pic of what really happens at a Joe Heck town meeting.

Naturally the Congressman doesn’t want you to see him and his pals parading Representative Paul Ryan (R-Geezer Voucher) around sitting on a litter.

At least I think that’s Ryan they’re carrying around. Engravings sometimes are a little hard to make out.

And anyone who thinks they’ve seen seen this pic before on this or a similar blog, well, what can I say? The same people keep showing up to them meetings, I suppose.

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