University of Nevada At Kevlar: Fashion Special

Just in time of the Fall semester, Professor-Doctor Michael Green has agreed, without any knowledge on his part, to model the latest campus fashions for the Prof on the go!!
Selected specifically for the scrupulous scholastic, these fashions are trendy and timely: designed for the noetic Nevadan facing the challenges of the new law allowing guns in the classroom!Professor Michael Green models the lastest campus fashions!

From left to right, Professor Green is shown wearing the “Moritz Schlick” full body armor–ready for that student who gets an “F” on the test and celebrates the event by getting hopped up on binge drinking and the latest designer drugs!

Next, Herr Docktor Mike sports the “Unabomber” special, guaranteed to stop the 50-cal bullet of a Luddite terrorist or money promptly refunded!

Finally, to the right we find Professor Green wearing the Robert Downey Jr. Ironman Special! Rocket boots allows the imperiled professor to jet away from rioting students! Laser weapons and plasma guns will put an end to unwanted classroom chatter in a jiffy! (Hair-styling, sun glasses, and beard not included.)

Nevada Higher Education Official Body ArmorAlthough there is no doubt that the good Professor would love that Ironman Special, unfortunately due to budget cuts agreed to in the budget deal, he’ll just have to get by with the official body armor of the Nevada System of Higher Education, shown to the left.

However, thanks to the new law, he’ll be able to carry his own musket!

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