Leaving North Las Vegas–Or Is it Titanic, Nevada?

Cross-posted from Nor’Town:
Titanic, Nevada, in Beautiful Unincorporated Clark CountyFor more time than I like to think about, the old Monger has been struggling in Nevada’s crappy economy. This period is apparently now at an end. I have accepted a job out of state and will be leaving the future site of unincorporated Clark County called Titanic, Nevada–formerly known as North Las Vegas–currently in the incompetent hands of a city council packed with police-union stooges and a mayor who sold out the future of Norftown to greedy developers pushing a Ponzi scheme of mindless growth wherein the non-existence denizens of Park Highlands would pay for the new City Hall and the Midge Manufacturing Plant out near Nellis.

So, in what is most likely my last act of un-civic duty to the city whose bankruptcy has been postponed six months by meager concessions from the union which is in bed with mayor and thus knows it never has to make a concession, let me make a suggestion.

Get rid of Mayor Buck but in a way that has a slight chance of succeeding. Yes, recalls are very entertaining, but they seldom work and only distract from the main method we use for selecting our officials: elections. Guys, the mayoral election is less than two years away, and you know what? A plausible campaign against Buck may already be too late. It takes a good four years to rev up a campaign in these parts, and you’ve already wasted two. Nonetheless, if all of you who are tired of the Buck-Montandon school of minimal urban planning really want to do something, you would unite behind a strong candidate for the 2013 elections. Don’t waste energy on recall petitions, you will have plenty of work trying to beat the Dan Hart/Police Union election machine.

Or, you can cross your fingers that Buck will again get the itch to run for the County Commission or some higher office, a not unlikely possibility given that everybody else in Nor’Town is running for Congress.

But, uncharacteristically setting snarkiness aside, I hope I will find the following in Norftown should I return in ten years or so.

  1. A thriving national monument for the Tule Springs fossil beds where young Nor’Townies discover that the history of North Las Vegas did not begin with the creation of the El Dorado subdivision.
  2. A city of intelligent citizens actively engaged in the political life of North Las Vegas, where one faction can no longer gain a strangle hold on the community
  3. A research park springing from the ashes of CSN and UNLV to which brainiacs immigrate by the thousands bringing exciting, challenging, environmentally friendly, and multifarious work to town.
  4. A place that folks will choose to live in, no merely because it’s cheaper than Henderson.

Failing that, the only advice I can offer is: mimic the Monger and get out of town, and let your mortgage company sort out the dead.

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