Why Does Brian Sandoval Hate Nevada So Much?

As a registered Nevada Republican Tea Party member, I just have to wonder what kind of big tax and spend Marxist we elected to the Nevada Gubeship this time around.

Brian Sandoval certainly ain’t no Sandogibbons–the first thing the Nevada punditry has gotten right since, well, forever. Why, Sandoval has absolutely proven himself to be an Obamasocialist . . . → Read More: Why Does Brian Sandoval Hate Nevada So Much?

Oh, Brother

GIbbons in Retirement

The Gibbons-fail post-mortems are starting to trickle in, and one particularly obnoxious contribution dripped from the lips of one former Gibboid:

Even supporters noted that Gibbons had a chilly relationship with some media, state lawmakers and lobbyists.

“But that’s Jim Gibbons,” Uithoven said. “He was never one of the good . . . → Read More: Oh, Brother

Nobody Showed Up

Nobody showed up to the unveiling of the official portrait of the World’s Most Forgettable Governor the other day. (Sun) No doubt the most shocking aspect of the portrait was not that the Gube was wearing clothing, but that he wasn’t wearing the turtleneck that was so emblematic of his Hefner-esque stay in the Playboy Carson . . . → Read More: Nobody Showed Up

Somebody Needs Psychiatric Help

The FEC bails on it’s investigation of Senator “Slick” John Ensign, who announced his plans to run for re-election to the collective groans of all Nevada. (RJ) Still, if he throws in a vacation to Hawaii, who could possibly . . . → Read More: Somebody Needs Psychiatric Help

What John Ensign Said at the Sharron Angle Debate Prep

News item: John Ensign played Harry Reid during mock debates designed to prepare Sharron Angle for the . . . → Read More: What John Ensign Said at the Sharron Angle Debate Prep

That Explains A Lot…

Well, mystery solved!

All Nevada has wondered throughout the Gube non-campaign why is it that Corporate Dauphin Brian Sandoval insisted on adhering to the Gibbons’ agenda so religiously.

Indeed, the new Gube was almost giddy to announce that he was gonna cut Nevada and cut it bad, when he finally got around to thinking about the budget:

“I . . . → Read More: That Explains A Lot…

Who Really Won the Nevada Gubership

. . . → Read More: Who Really Won the Nevada Gubership

Another Ad for B.S. Sandogibbons

. . . → Read More: Another Ad for B.S. Sandogibbons

Budgets Really Are Overrated

Riddle me this: what would a Sandogibbons administration be like? . . . → Read More: Budgets Really Are Overrated

Alien in Our Midst

Must be that time of the week. Time for the weekly racist ad from Sharron Angle’s crack corporate ad machine.

Yup, it’s more thug popping fun from the Sharronria jihad with an ad depicting Hispanics as gang members and thugs.

I still think she’s an illegal alien from Uranus. Has anybody checked for her birth . . . → Read More: Alien in Our Midst